No Peaks at All

Roam Around in an economic manner

Easy Bookings

Travel while being in your comfort zone

Free Wi-Fi

You Need It' We Have It

  • Get Priority Customer Support

    Faster response. Quicker resolutions.

  • Get Top Drivers & Cars

    Our highest rated rides at your service.

  • Enjoy Buraak Events

    Access to concerts, matches and more

  • Get Partner Offers

    Exciting offers/discounts from brand partners

More Details
  1. Select Savings valid on Mini and Prime rides
  2. Select Savings do not apply on Corporate rides

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Buraak Reviews

  • "The best feature of #BuraakSelect is NO PEAK PRICING! Thumbs up!"

  • "Neat! Got Select priority while trying to book during peak hours."

  • "Booking a Prime and paying for a Mini is a real-life hack :D"

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