Buraak Is A Cause

Step Towards National Interests

A Source Of Livelihood For Billions

Being one of the largest ride-hailing company, Buraak serves more than destinations all across Pakistan. Our wide-ranging fleet consists of all types of vehicles from the basic Motorcycle and Rickshaws all the way to top end Luxury Cars, SUVs and Sedans. Ride-hailing at the touch of a button with our mobile app and regular updates ensure that you always have our ever improving services at your fingertips.

Buraak is much more than merely a large fleet of vehicles. It’s a mini ecosystem designed to operate for common good. Priority and special benefits for the drivers and exceptional tailor-made services for the passengers are only few of the things which make our bond with the customer so strong. Moreover, Buraak provides employment opportunities to masses across the country from all different backgrounds. With a multidimensional framework, Buraak encourages incorporating the youth’s technological ideas and know-how and employing their expertise towards providing better services to the customer’s one ride at a time.

Buraak was established in 2017 with a vision to provide easy and affordable mobility for the masses while empowering the youth and the under-privileged.

Story Of Buraak

Waqas Tariq

CEO and co-Founders

Buraak emerged as an idea which was sprout over a considerable period of time and as a collective result of multiple developments. It all started when CEO Mr. Waqas Tariq launched a ride based system in Birmingham, UK. Seeing the success of his initiative Mr.Waqas was approached by many Pakistanis including ex-military personnel who pitched him to take his aptitude and expertise back home and instead of working aboard attract foreign investment to the country. This inspired him and ignited a spark of national integrity. As a result, a campaign was launched which went across Europe including Belgium, France, Italy and Germany. The campaign was aimed at finding like-minded Pakistanis who were interested to work for this national cause.

Co-Founder And CTO

In his quest, Mr.Waqas met Mr. Irfan Sheikh who was keenly interested and set about working on the project. By the end of the campaign around 20-25 Pakistanis were aboard but ultimately only 5 could commit their utmost efforts in turning this idea into a success. Amidst these are the co-founders Mr. Irfan Sheikh and Mr.Shahid Mughal, both of whom completely dedicated themselve despite having established businesses in the UK for more than two decades. When the team came to Pakistan they were met with the untiring efforts of the country partners Mr.Amir Shehzad, Mr.Asad Mehmood and Mr.Zeeshan Malik. This has and continues to be our secret to success; all members of the team, driven by one common interest, empowerment of country fellows and betterment of the society resulting in a stronger economy thereby creating stronger nation.

  • Shahid Mughal
  • Irfan Sheikh
  • Amir shehzad
  • Zeeshan Malik
  • Asad Mehmood